ludiloom: Check out new stable version!

December 24th, 2009 § 0 comments § permalink


New version of ludiloom is up and running! Either on Linux and Windows.

ludiloom IS a new service from Tapestry, intended FOR YOU TO DEVELOP, PUBLISH AND DISTRIBUTE YOUR OWN GAMES.

Primarily intended for small independent game studios or producers, ludiloom offers also tools and a place for artists and programmers to contribute with individual 3D art, code and other media elements.

This new public beta release marks a more stable phase of this innovative service, with a long list of features for ingame creation and publishing for You to use and test.

See our brand new documentation, Wiki and Forum to get all the support you need getting started.

Take a chance… and get involved to change the Game-Making Game!
register & download ludiloom now…

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